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Harnesses & Belts
            Full Body Harnesses

                 e           ltA       Lanyards                                        Oil Repellant Range

             KARAM offers repel technology webbing in their range of Lanyards and Pole Strap which provides excellent
             resistance from build up of oil, dust, dirt and water.

             Revolta Pole Strap
             Ref. PN 248(OR)

                                                               Revolta Expandable
                                                               Internal Shock Absorbing Forked Lanyard
                                                               Ref. PN 371(IS)(A)(OR)

             Revolta Expandable
             Internal Shock Absorbing Lanyard                                 Revolta  Harnesses  and
                                                                              Lanyards  are  easy  to
             Ref. PN 399(IS)(A)(OR)                             ADVANTAGE     maintain. Just wipe clean.

                 Ref. No.          Specifications       Available Length   Attachment Elements  Conformity

                             44mm wide oil repellent webbing            Aluminum Snap Hooks PN 129
                PN 248(OR)   incorporated  with  50mm  tubular   Adjustable upto 2.0m  at  both  the  ends  for  excellent   EN 358:1999
                             webbing for abrasion resistant.            corrosion resistance.

                                                        1.4m to 1.6m    Aluminum Snap Hook PN 129
                             Expandable  Forked  Fall  Arrest   (Relaxed Length),
             PN 371(IS)(A)(OR)  Lanyard.  Elastic  in  nature  and      at one end & Aluminum Rebar   EN 355:2002
                             prevents tripping hazard.  2.0m (Expanded   Hooks PN 136 at other ends

                                                        1.4m to 1.6m
                             Expandable  Fall  Arrest  lanyard.   (Relaxed Length),  Aluminum Rebar Hook PN 136
             PN 399(IS)(A)(OR)  Elastic  in  nature  and  prevents      at one end &   Aluminum Snap   EN 355:2002,
                             tripping hazard.           2.0m (Expanded   Hook PN 129 at other end.   EN 354:2010.

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