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P. 191

Fixed Line Systems

             REF: VERTEX PN 2001

                                                                          Mounting Bracket
                                                                          Ref. PN 7000 (01)

                                                                          Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel Grade 316
                                                                          Ÿ Breaking Strength > 23 kN
                                                                          Ÿ Complies with EN 795 Type A

             Wire Rope (Cable Wire)
             Ref. PN 9XXXS (Where XXX is the
             Length of the wire rope in meters)

             Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel
               Grade 316
             Ÿ Diameter: 8mm                                                      Shock Absorbing Lanyard
             Ÿ Construction: 7x19
                                                                                  with Rope Grab
                                                                                  Ref. RG 02 SA(112)

                                                                                  Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel
                                                                                     Grade 316
                                                                                  Ÿ Works on stainless steel
                                                                                     wire rope.

             Ref. PN 2001 (04)
             Ÿ Material:  Stainless  Steel                                        End Clamp
               Grade 316                                                          Ref. PN 2001(03)
             Ÿ Recommended Installation-
               Every 10 m                                                         Ÿ Maintains the cable at the
                                                                                     bottom  of  the  ladder  to
                                                                                     prevent the Counter Weight
                                                                                     to beat on the ladder under
                                                                                     effect of the wind.
                                                                                  Ÿ Material:  Alloy  Steel
                                                                                     dipped galvanized

             Wire Rope Cap
             Ref. PN 7000 (12)
             Ÿ Material : Aluminium Alloy

                                                                               Set of U-Bolts & Thimbles
             Dead Weight                                                       Ref. PN 2001 (05)
             Ref. PN 2001 (01)                                                 Ÿ U-  Bolts:  Qty-  4  nos.
                                                                                 Material: Stainless Steel 316
             Ÿ To  ensure  appropriate                                         Ÿ Thimbles:  Qty-  2  nos.
               tension on the wire rope.                                         Material: Stainless Steel 316        Fixed Line Systems
             Ÿ Material:  Galvanized
               Steel                                              Inspection Plate
             Ÿ Weight: 6 kg
                                                                  Ref. PN 2001(06)

             * Also supplied with Alloy Steel hot dip galvanized mounting bracket PN 7000 EC(01)  to for value engineering

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