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P. 199

Fixed Line Systems

             REF: VERTEX PN 9000
                                                                                      Alu Extension
                                                                                      Ref. PN 8000 (02)

                                                                                      Ÿ Material:  Extruded
                                                                                         Aluminium Alloy
                                                                                      Ÿ Length: 1.5m
             Stainless Steel
             Ceiling Mounting Bracket
             Ref. PN 5000 (06)
             Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel 316
             Ÿ Help to mount the ladder on to the
               underlying structure.
                                                                                      Aluminium Rail

             Stainless Steel                                                          Ref. PN 9000 (03)
             Mounting Nut
                                                                                      Ÿ Material:  Extruded
             Ref. PN 5000 (03)                                                           Aluminium Alloy
             Ÿ To  connect  the  rail  to  the  mounting                              Ÿ Length: 3.0m
             Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel 316
             Ÿ Also  available  in  Galvanized  Steel
               version Ref. PN 5000 (06)R

             Ref. PN 111
             Ÿ Quarter  Turn  Auto-
               locking Steel Karabiner
             Ÿ Material : Alloy Steel

             Junction                                                          Vertical Trolley
             Ref. PN 5000 (08)                                                 Ref. PN 8000 (01)
             Ÿ Used to connect two rails                                       Ÿ Material:  Stainless  Steel
               together                                                           (316)  Trolley  with  Brass
             Ÿ Stainless Steel 316                                                wheels  which  provide
                                                                                  frictionless  movement.  Anti
                                                                                  inversion  pin  to  prevent
                                                                                  unintentional  release  of
                                                                                  trolley from the rail.

             Ladder Rung Assembly
             Ref. PN 9000 (01)
                                                                              Aluminium Rail Extremity
             Ÿ Ladder  Rung  Material:  Hot  dipped
                galvanized Steel                                              Ref. PN 9000 (02)

                                                                              Ÿ Material: Extruded Aluminium
                                                                              Ÿ Length: 3 m                           Fixed Line Systems
                                                                               Inspection Plate

                                                                               Ref. PN 9000(12)

              * Also supplied with Alloy Steel Hot Dip Galvanized ceiling mounting bracket PN 5000(06)R & Alloy Steel Hot Dip
                 Galvanized mounting nut PN 5000(05)R to make the system economical

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