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Harnesses & Belts  Full Body Harnesses


               The  revolutionary  NOSPARK  Range  of  Harnesses  &
               Lanyards offered by KARAM are antistatic in nature and are
               ATEX Certified.
               They have been designed to offer the perfect solution for safe
               working at height in potentially explosive atmosphere.

               The Unique Features

                        of NoSpark Range are:

                                                                                        Adjustable Shoulder Straps

               Forged  Aluminium  Dorsal  D-
               ring for Fall Arrest

               Stainless  Steel  Buckles  for
               excellent Corrosion Protection

                                                                                        Front  attachment  textile
                                                                                        loops  for Fall Arrest

                                                                                            140 kg
                                                         Ref. PN 22(AS)

                                                                                           Tested at 140 kgs
               Webbing  made  of  Antistatic
               Material  prevents  the  risk  of
               build up of charge
                                                                                        Elastic loops equipped with
                                                                                        antistatic thread

               The Antistatic components of
               this range prevent the risk of                                           Adjustable Thigh Straps
               an Electrostatic build up and
               sudden discharge, igniting the
               explosive atmosphere.

               ATEX 2014/34/EU EN ISO 80079-36:2016 and EN ISO 80079-37:2016
               Conforms to EN 361: 2002 ; for Fall Arrest Harness.
               Harness webbing also tested for surface resistance as per EN 1149-1:2006 & EN 1149-5:2008

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