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Fixed Line Systems

             System Ref: HORIZON PN 4000
             (Floor/Ceiling/Wall Mounted)

             The System is versatile and can be installed on Walls, Floors, Ceilings, as well as on Roof Tops, using the same
             components by just altering the orientation of the Intermediate Brackets & selection of suitable anchor point
             Horizon PN 4000 has the unique distinction of being certified by Sira for ATEX to comply with use in potentially
             explosive atmosphere (as per Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Directive 2014/34/EU), and conforms to
             Norms EN ISO 80079-36:2016, and EN ISO 80079-37:2016. The system is certified to be intrinsically safe, hence
             is an ideal choice for use in Industries like Petroleum/ Petro-Chemical Plants without fear of causing explosion
             due to any sparking. The system can also be used in Truck Loading / unloading, Advertisement Bill Boards,
             Industrial Cranes, Oversized machines,  Reactors,  Turbines etc.
             The System is Conforms to EN 795:2012 Type C, TS 16415:2013 & Atex approved & for use in potentially
             explosive areas.

                                                         Swaged Cable Extremity
                          Carriage body                  Ref. PN 4000 (15)
                          Ref. PN 4000 (08)              Ÿ Allows crimping of the cable wire at
                                                            the desired length, and eliminates
                          Ÿ Material:  Stainless            danger of any loose wire.
                            Steel 316                    Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel 316.
                          Ÿ Feature: Friction Free       Ÿ Feature: Swage termination

                              Ref. PN 4000 (10)
                              Ÿ Material: Stainless Steel 316        Inspection Plate
                              Ÿ Recommended  Installation-
                                 every 15 mtrs.                      Ref. PN 4000 (20)

                                                                                                                      Fixed Line Systems

                                                     Wheel Type
                      Cable Extremity                Carriage Body
                      Ref. PN 7000(03)               Ref. PN 4000 (17)

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