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             KARAM Training & Consultancy, an ISO 9001:2015 Company is India's leading provider of Fall Protection and Rescue
             Competency Training. Our training courses are an outcome of over 20 year of experience of manufacturing and using EN and
             ANSI standard Personal Fall Protection Equipment.
             The only Training Center in India to impart Advanced Rescue Training as per NFPA standards on Technical Rescue: NFPA 1670
             and NFPA 1006

             Facility Highlights :                                     Standards Followed :
             Ÿ 20,000  sq.  ft.  dedicated  facility  with  multiple  advanced   Ÿ BS 8454: 2006 Code of Practice for Delivery
               simulation of Height, Confined Space and Rescue           of Training and Education for Work at Height
             Ÿ Fully equipped training center as per BS 8454:2006        and Rescue
             Ÿ Experienced faculty of 30+ local language trainers      Ÿ GWO Basic Safety Training Standard
             Ÿ Latest and EN certified training equipment              Ÿ NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006
             Ÿ An extensive setup of Fixed Line Systems Training       KTC conducts specialised trainings on :
             Ÿ In-house Research & Testing Capabilities as world's leading   Ÿ Fixed Line Installations
               PPE manufacturer
                                                                       Ÿ Retractable Block Repair and Servicing
             Ÿ Approved Training Provider (ATP) of TRARAsia, Singapore
                                                                       Ÿ PPE Inspection
             Ÿ Approved Telecom Training Provider by Gravity Training, South
               Africa                                                                                                Training &  Consultancy
             Ÿ Approved Training Provider of Global Wind Organization (GWO)
             Ÿ Regular  Train  The  Trainer(TTT)  Programs  by  well-known
               Training Organizations
             Ÿ Audited regularly by Bureau Veritas
                                                               TRAINING & CONSULTANCY
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