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Harnesses & Belts  Full Body Harnesses

                All metal components on the 'Nospark' range of
                Harnesses are made up of Stainless Steel which is
                an  excellent  conductor  of  electricity,  hence
                prevents any build up of charge.

               Antistatic 'Nospark' range of KARAM Harnesses & Lanyard should be used in explosive work environment for
               providing complete and fool proof protection of working at height without facing additional hazard of fire due to
               sparking. Nospark range of products are also an ideal choice for use during work at height in the industries
               which require a contaminant-free and dust free environment.

                     Oil and Gas          Petrochemical Plants       Filling Stations         Mining Industry

                            Pharmaceutical Industry     Electronic Industry   Medical & Surgical Industry

                The Nospark Range of KARAM products are ATEX certified by SIRA.
                ATEX  certification  involves  a  detailed  process  of  examination,  testing  and
                assessment of the equipment intended to be used in potentially hazardous areas,
                with the end result being the issue of ATEX certificate and report, confirming that
                the product is safe to use within potentially explosive atmosphere.

               The Nospark harnesses and lanyards are also CE certified as per relevant EN Norms.

                 Other KARAM products which are ATEX certified, and may be used to create a complete and compatible 'Antistatic'
                 personal protective fall protection cover for the user:-

                    Ref. No.                  Product                  Page No.

                  PN 22(AS)  Nospark Antistatic Harness                  015
                  PN 328(AS)  Nospark Antistatic E.A Lanyard             016
                  PN 361(AS)  Nospark Antistatic E.A Forked Lanyard      016
                  PN 4000    Horizontal Anchorage Line System on Rigid Cable Line  195
                  PN 116     Aluminium Screw - Locking Karabiner         055
                  PCGS 7.5   Retractable Block Polymer Casing with G.I Wire Rope  143

                  PCGS 15    Retractable Block Polymer Casing with G.I Wire Rope  144
                                                                                 EN ISO 80079-36:2016
                                                                                 EN ISO 80079-37:2016

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