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Harnesses & Belts
            Full Body Hanresses

                    enoc       Series

            The  Dienoc  range  of  Harnesses  &  Lanyards  have  been
            specially designed for workers working in conditions where
            there are possible electrical hazards. Special Dielectric D-
            Rings, buckles and frames used in this range of harnesses
            are completely electrically insulated.

            The Unique Features
                           of Dienoc Range are:

             Non-Conductive Dorsal                                                      Elasticated  Shoulder
             D-ring for Fall Arrest                                                     Straps  for  Flexibility  &
                                                                                        Snug fitting to the user.

                                                                                        Adjustable  Shoulder

                                                                                        Adjustable Chest Strap
             Two  Front  Attachment
             Textile  Loops  for  Fall

             Two  Non-Conductive
             Lateral  D-Rings  for
             Work Positioning

                                                                                       Adjustable Thigh  Straps
            Conforms to
            EN 361:2002 & EN 358:1999

                                                              The use of a special plastic coating on all D-
                                                              Rings  and  Fittings  ensures  the  Harness  is
                                               ADVANTAGE      completely electrically insulated.

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