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Harnesses & Belts  Full Body Harnesses


                                        140 kg                                                140 kg

                                     Tested at 140 kgs                                     Tested at 140 kgs
               Ref. MAGNA 1                                   Ref. MAGNA 2
               Magna  1  Harness  has  a  dorsal              Magna 2 Harness is one of the most extensively used
               attachment  D-ring,  and  two  front           harnesses of KARAM, particularly for Tower and Ladder
               attachment textile loops for fall arrest. It   Climbing. The sternal attachment textile loops can be
               is designed for use for fall protection        attached to a rope-grab to allow safe anchorage while
               during  extended  hours  of  working  at       climbing.  The  two  lateral  D-rings  on  this  harness
               height .                                       provide  attachment  for  Work-Positioning  lanyards,
                                                              enabling safe and comfortable positioning at a height.
                                                              The  lumbar  mesh-pad  provides  extreme  level  of
                                                              support to the back while working at a height.

                                                                Attachment Point
                 Ref. No.  Material  Conformity  Application  Dorsal  Sternal  Lateral  Ventral  Weight  Adjustability

                                                                                                Fully adjustable
                MAGNA 1   Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA                                 1680 gms  shoulder, chest strap
                                                                                                & thigh straps.

                                                                                              Adjustable shoulder,
                                   EN 361:2002
                MAGNA 2   Polyester             FA+WP                                2210 gms   thigh-straps and
                                   EN 358:1999
                                                                                                  waist belt.
               FA - Fall Arrest / WP - Work Positioning / R - Rescue

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