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Harnesses & Belts
            Full Body Harnesses


             14.5 cm                                              Work Positioning Belts
                                                                  Ref. PN 03

                                                                  Ÿ Optimum  width  comfort  pad  to  provide
                                                                     sufficient lumbar support
                                                                  Ÿ Width of Back pad : 14.5 cms.
                                                                  Ÿ Two Lateral D-Rings for Work Positioning
                                                                  Ÿ Rings for tool holders, bolt bags, etc
                                                                  Ÿ Available  in  sizes-  Medium,  Large,  Extra
                                                                  Ÿ Conforms to EN 358:1999

                                            STEPS FOR WORK POSITIONING

                                        Step-1                                           Step-2

                                       Step-3                                            Step-4

                                   Adjust the lanyard length with the adjuster in order to
                                         work comfortably with both hands free.

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