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Harnesses & Belts
            Full Body Harnesses

                  HINO Harnesses

                                     With Quick
                                     Release Buckles

                                                                           140 kg

                                                                       Tested at 140 kgs
                                                Ref. PN 25
                                                The  Extension  Rescue  Strap
                                                incorporated  on  the  shoulder
             Ref. PN 24(QR)                     strap of the Harness has a D-ring   Ref. PN 26
                                                which can be used to connect to
             PN  24(QR)  is  a  Harness  which   the Rescue Equipment, when in   Along  with  adjustability
             comes  with  quick  release  buckles   need. It allows easy rescue of the   features, this harness comes
             for easy adjustment in addition to the   worker  and  minimizes  his   with  3  chest  attachment  D-
             dorsal D-ring & 1 Chest attachment   discomfort while being rescued.   rings along with 1 Dorsal D-
             D-ring,  this  harness  comes  with   The  Extension  Rescue  Strap   ring for Fall Arrest.
             adjustable  shoulder & thigh straps.
                                                otherwise  lies  attached  to  the     Also Available with
                      Also Available with       shoulder  strap  with  the  help  of   Extension Band - Ref. PN 26(E)
                Extension Band - Ref. PN 24(QR)(E)  velcro binding, when not in use.

                                                             Attachment Point
              Ref. No.  Material  Conformity  Application  Dorsal  Sternal Lateral Ventral Rescue Strap  Weight  Adjustability

                                                                                           Adjustable shoulder,
             PN 24(QR) Polyester  EN 361:2002  FA                                  1420 gms
                                                                                             & thigh straps.
                              EN 361:2002                                                  Adjustable shoulder,
               PN 25  Polyester            FA+R                                    1405 gms
                              EN 1497:2007                                                 chest & thigh straps.

                              EN 361:2002                                                  Adjustable shoulder,
               PN 26  Polyester             FA                                     1540 gms
                              EN 1497:2007                                                 chest & thigh straps.

            FA - Fall Arrest / WP - Work Positioning / R - Rescue

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