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Harnesses & Belts  Full Body Harnesses

               Easy Seat

               This accessory by KARAM can be attached to KARAM Harnesses-Magna 3, PN 56 and PN 57 having central D-
               ring at the waist level (ventral) to which the Karabiner is attached.
               When  done,  the  Easy  Seat  provides  a  comfortable  seating  for  extended  time  during  long  hours  of  work,
               suspended at a height.

               Easy Seat
               Ref. IMP 004
               Ÿ The Aluminium reinforcement in the Easy Seat
                  makes it robust yet light in weight, weighing not
                  more than 1300gms.
               Ÿ The loops at the end of the polyester webbing
                  straps can be easily attached to the ventral D-ring
                  of the Harnesses mentioned.
               Ÿ Straps are adjustable.
               Ÿ Equipped with 3 loops.
               Ÿ Easy positioned on the back when not in use.
               Ÿ Soft  cushioned  sides  prevents  the  webbing
                  straps from cutting into the thighs.
               Ÿ The webbing straps have a breaking strength of
                  more than 23 kN.
               Ÿ Ergonomics & comfortable working chair.

               WEBBING                      METAL COMPONENTS
               Material        :   Polyester  Material  :   High strength steel
               Width           :   44+1mm   Finish    :   Black powder coated
               Breaking Strength :   23kN   Weight    :   1280gm +_ 1

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