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Hooks & Connectors

              Steel Connectors

                KARAM  provides  Steel  Karabiners  having           Also available with Captive Pin on request
                                                                     This is an Additional Pin fitted to the Karabiner to prevent it from
    Hooks & Connectors  features, to suit a wide range of applications.  as the Ref. No. of the product along with (C),  for eg. PN 111(C)
                screw-locking, twist-locking & triple-locking
                                                                     disengaging from the Lanyard. The code for the product is written

                            *Available with Captive Pin      *Available with Captive Pin      *Available with Captive Pin
                   Steel Karabiner                   Steel Quarter Turn               Stainless Steel Quarter
                                                     Locking Karabiner                Turn Locking Karabiner
                   Ref. PN 110
                                                     Ref. PN 111                      Ref. PN 111SS


                                                                                         BSBSBS = 40kN

                            *Available with Captive Pin      *Available with Captive Pin      *Available with Captive Pin
                   Steel Screw Locking Karabiner     Steel Screw Locking Karabiner    Steel Quarter Turn
                                                     with Lock Indicator              Locking Karabiner
                   Ref. PN 112
                                                     Ref. PN 112(LI)                  Ref. PN 113

                                                       BSBSBS = 40kN

                            *Available with Captive Pin      *Available with Captive Pin
                   Stainless Steel Quarter           Steel Triple Action
                   Turn Locking Karabiner            Locking Karabiner
                   Ref. PN 113SS                     Ref. PN 114

                                                     Minimum Breaking
                 Ref. No.    Material   Gate Opening    Strength      Net Weight   Finish Available  Conformity

                PN 110                   18.5mm          25kN          155.4gm     Silver/Golden
                            Alloy Steel                                          Yellow Galvanized  EN 362:2004
                PN 111                   16.0mm          25kN          160.5gm
                                                                                                   Class  B
                PN 111SS   Stainless Steel  16.0mm       25kN          164.0gm       Polished
                PN 112                   18.0mm          25kN          160.5gm                   EN 362:2004
                            Alloy Steel                                            Silver/Golden
                PN 112(LI)               18.0mm          23kN          158.0gm                 Class  B & Class M
                                                                                 Yellow Galvanized
                PN 113                   22.0mm          40kN          236.0gm
                PN 113SS   Stainless Steel  22.0mm       25kN          238.0gm       Polished
                                                                                                 EN 362:2004
                PN 114      Alloy Steel  22.0mm          40kN          233.4gm     Silver/Golden   Class  B
                                                                                 Yellow Galvanized

               051-052                                                                     BSBSBS = Breaking Strength
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