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OPERATIONS AT KARAM /// experts in safety solutions

              KARAM has the largest fully backward integrated manufacturing set up in the world, manufacturing all the components
              of its entire range of products, from basic raw material, all in-house. This not only allows extremely high levels of
              customization to suit customer needs, but also enables all components to be manufactured under strict quality
              vigilance. High tenacity yarn is used as basic raw material and processed to manufacture premium quality of webbing
              and rope. Similarly, KARAM uses hot rolled coils, flats and extrusions of Steel and Aluminium alloys, and passes them
              through various processes like stamping, hot and cold forging, turning and drilling, etc; thereby converting them into
              various fall arrest components, fixed line systems, confined space entry and egress equipment, and rescue equipment.
              The manufacturing at KARAM involves the best use of technology and the finest machinery, along with extremely
              skilled manpower involved in critical operations. With more than 70 products being manufactured under six sigma,
              operations at KARAM are continually improvised each day, involving better processes and technology at all steps.

                                         CNC VERTICAL MACHINE

                                                    HOT FORGING

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