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Hooks & Connectors

              Aluminium Hooks & Connectors

    Hooks & Connectors  Where it is important to carry light-weight Connectors at height to provide the maximum comfort as well safety
                to the user, this range of Aluminium Connectors by KARAM fulfill all the required needs. Manufactured from
                high quality Aluminium Alloy, these connectors come in highly engineered designs, conforming to all the
                clauses laid down in the EN Norms.

                            Also available with Captive Pin on request
                            This is an Additional Pin fitted to the Karabiner to prevent it from disengaging from the Lanyard. The code for the product is written as
                            the Ref. No. of the product along with (C),  for eg. PN 116(C)

                                        F                                F                               F
                  Forged Aluminium Screw          Forged Aluminium Quarter          Forged Aluminium Triple
                  Locking Karabiner               Turn Locking Karabiner            Action Locking Karabiner
                  Ref. PN 105                     Ref. PN 106                       Ref. PN 107


                                          F                              F
                           *Available with Captive Pin     *Available with Captive Pin       *Available with Captive Pin
                  Aluminium Screw                 Aluminium Screw Locking           Aluminium Screw Locking  F
                  Locking Karabiner               Karabiner with Lock Indicator     Karabiner Forged
                  Ref. PN 116           UIAA      Ref. PN 116(LI)                   Ref. PN 116F

                           *Available with Captive Pin    *Available with Captive Pin
                  Aluminium Quarter Turn          Aluminium Quarter Turn  F
                  Locking Karabiner Forged        Locking Karabiner Forged
                  Ref. PN 117           UIAA      Ref. PN 117F

                                                     Minimum Breaking
                 Ref. No.   Material   Gate Opening     Strength      Net Weight  Finish Available  Conformity
               PN 105                   15.0mm           23kN          80.0gm
                                                                                                 EN 362:2004
               PN 106                   14.0mm           23kN          85.0gm
                                                                                                   Class  B
               PN 107                   14.0mm           23kN          85.0gm
               PN 116      Aluminium    22.0mm           23kN          74.6gm     Natural Silver/
               PN 116(LI)    Alloy      22.0mm           23kN          74.6gm   Coloured Anodized  EN 362:2004
                                                                                                  Class  B &
               PN 116F                  22.0mm           23kN          74.6gm
                                                                                                EN 12275:2013
               PN 117                   21.0mm           23kN          84.0gm                    Class B/H
               PN 117F                  21.0mm           23kN          84.0gm

               055-056                                                                               F = Forged
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