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             Energy Absorber

             How does the Energy Absorber Work ?
             In the event of a fall the special webbing inside the Energy
             Absorber opens up. This opening of the webbing takes up
             most of the jerk which is felt as an impact when a fall occurs.
             Hence finally very little jerk is felt on the body of the worker.
             We can therefore imagine that if this Energy Absorber is
             absent from a fall protection system, the forces which are
             felt on the body of the worker can be very high and can
             result in injury.                                      Smooth free fall                                  Lanyards
                                                                    with Energy
              Always use Energy Absorbing Lanyards for fall arrest applications.

                                                                                                 A jerky fall
                                                                                                 without Energy

               What should be the Length of a KARAM Fall Arrest Lanyard

               The standard maximum length of the Fall
               Arrest Lanyard is 2 meters. Important thing
               to note is to have a lanyard long enough to
               be user friendly, however, kept as short as     Total length of KARAM Fall Arrest Lanyards
               possible, to minimize the free fall distance.          should not exceed 2m.
               All KARAM  fall arrest lanyards are tested
               and certified as per EN 355:2002 for their
               maximum length of  2m.

                                                           Energy Absorber              Energy Absorber
             Minimum fall clearance distance                 Ref. PN 300                 Ref. PN 400
             required when using an                 Anchorage Point             Anchorage Point
             Energy Absorbing Lanyard

             It is extremely important to know the fall          2.0m Lanyard                 2.0m Lanyard
             clearance  distance  while  working  at  a
             height  using  the  appropriate  Fall
             Protection System.
             While  anchored  vertically  above  the             1.2m Shock Absorber          1.2m Shock Absorber
             head  level,  the  length  of  the  lanyard
             used and the elongation of the Energy
             Absorber which occurs in the event of a
             fall become two of the important factors
             to determine the fall clearance.
             Always  check  for  the  minimum  Fall-             1.8m Body                    1.8m Body
             clearance  distance  so  that  the  risk  of
             hitting an obstacle below is not there.
             In  the  worst  case  where  the  user  has
             climbed above the point of anchorage,
             and has a free fall of 4 meters before the
             lanyard  has  been  activated,  the                 1.0m Safety Distance         1.0m Safety Distance
             minimum  clearance  required  is  6.25
             meters below the anchorage.
                                                        Total Clearance Distance from   Total Clearance Distance from
                                                          Anchor point = 6.0m           Anchor point = 6m
                                                                The Fall clearance is the safe clearance distance calculated
                                                                       from the anchorage point downwards.

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