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                                             The Anchorage point is commonly referred to as a secure tie-
                                             off point. It is the place where a worker anchors himself so that
                                             he can easily move about that point, and also hold on safely
                                             incase he experiences a fall.

                             There are certain important points to note while one anchors to any anchorage point

                         1   Always make sure that the Anchorage used (whether a scaffolding bar, or the bar of a ladder, or
    Anchorages               Technically, it should be capable of withstanding a static load of more than 12 kN for 3 minutes.
                             an Anchorage Connector) is strong enough to hold you in case you are subjected to a fall.

                         2   You should Anchor yourself to the point which lies directly overhead. If the Anchorage point is
                             below the shoulder level, then the distance of the fall gets increased, thereby exposing you to a

                                 Before Fall                 Before Fall                Before Fall

                                  After Fall                  After Fall                 After Fall

                                    Fall when anchored           Fall when anchored          Fall when anchored at
                                    at lower level               on the side                 a level above the head
                                    (Fall Factor 2)              (Fall Factor 1)             (Fall Factor 0)

                         3   Avoid a Swing-Fall
                             Try  to  anchor  yourself  to  a
                             point which is more vertically                                   You could be injured
                             above you, than to your side.                                      if anchored on
                             If  the  anchorage  is  on  the                                   the side, due to
                             side, you may experience a                                         the pendulum
                             risky swing in the event of a
                             fall, and may injure yourself
                             by hitting an obstacle.

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