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                      The Chosen Location will

                 determine the Anchorage Point

                         to use. Here are some

                   Most Common Examples


                                                                 Mobile Anchorage        Fixed Anchorage
             S. No.    Work Area              Hazard
                                                                 Solution by Karam      Solution by Karam

                     Ladder            Fall due to Vertical   Rope Grabs on flexible  FPS on Rigid Cable Line
               1.                                                                     FPS on ALU Rail
                                       Climbing Up and Down  (textile) anchorage lines
                                                                                      KARAM Ladder System-
                                                                                      PN 9000

                     Roof Top          Fall through Skylight  Temporary Horizontal Line-  Fixed Horizontal Line
               2.                      Fall from Roof Edge   PN 3000, PN 3001, PN    Systems PN 4000,
                                       Fall from Roof Slope  3002, Handy Line PN 4001  PN 5000

                     Scaffold          Fall while Erecting and   Rope Grabs on Textile  Retractable Twin Block
                                       Dismantling the Scaffold  Anchorage Line       FPS on ALU Rail
                                       Fall while working on                          KARAM Ladder System
                                       Scaffold                                       PN 9000

                     Truck Loading/    Fall from Truck;      NA                      Fixed Horizontal Line
                     unloading         Injury due to Swing Fall                      Systems-PN 4000,
                                                                                     PN 5000

                     Beams and         Fall due to movement on   Anchorage Devices- SA 08,
                     Girders           Beam                  SA 15, SA 13
                     Confined Spaces   Fall while lowering or   Quadpod, Tripod, Hexapod  K-Pod
               6.                      raising the user

                     Constructions     Fall through unguarded   Anchorage Slings & Point
                                       edges of Platforms/   Anchorage Devices-
               7.                      Slabs                 PN 805; PN 806; SA 13A;
                                                             SA 12; SA 09; SA 16

                     Tower Erection    Fall while Erecting and   Retractable Twin Block
                                       dismantling the Tower
                     Exterior Facade   Fall while working in   Parapet Anchor; SA 09;  Floor Mounted Alu-Rail
                                       suspended position    SA 11; SA 11B Point     System;
               9.                                            Anchorage Device SA 12  Floor Mounted Wire Rope

                        Rescue           Fall Hazard         Anchorage Slings- PN 803,
              10.                                            PN 807, PN 813

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