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               Introduction to Anchors
                According to EN 795 2012, Anchor devices have been classified into various types, names Type A, B, C, D
                and E. KARAM offers a range of anchor devices which fall under various such types.

               Type A Anchor (As per EN 795:2012)
               This type is an anchor device with one or more stationary anchor points having the need for a structural anchor or
               fixing element to fix to the structure. This type of Anchor is usually small, and may or may not be removed from the
               supporting structure due to being fixed, such as with rivets, studs, screws, welds or resin bonding.

                                                         Aluminium Point Anchor
                                                         Ref. SA 09
    Anchorages                                           This  point-anchor  is  compact,  made  of  Aluminum  Alloy,
                                                         highly corrosion resistant and can be bolted on any structure
                                                         with the help of 2 screw-bolts. The anchorage provided by its
                                                         eye-bolt has been tested to withstand the impact load in all
                                                         the 3 axis, and hence provides the highest level of safety.
                                                         Structures on which it can be mounted :
                  Tested to withstand load from all the 3- axis  1. On Concrete structures having minimum width of 125mm.
                                                         2. Metal Structures using suitable fasteners.

                                                         Technical Description :
                                                         Ÿ Material : Aluminum Alloy.
                                                         Ÿ Minimum Breaking (System) Strength : 5000lbs/23kN.
                     X-axis      Y-axis     Z-axis       Ÿ Finish : Natural Silver.
                                                         Ÿ Net Weight : 308gms.
                                                         Ÿ Conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type A & ANSI Z 359.1 : 2007.

               Steel Point Anchor                               Steel Point Anchor
               Ref. SA 10                                       Ref. SA 10(A)
               A Forged single point steel anchor designed to be   This Forged steel anchorage point is another device
               fixed on walls, ceiling, roof-tops, & steel structures.  that can be bolted on any structure without the help of
                                                                any additional fastener.
               Ÿ Material : Alloy Steel
                                                                Ÿ Material : Alloy Steel
               Ÿ Minimum  Breaking  (system)  Strength  :
                  5000lbs/23kN                                  Ÿ Minimum  Breaking  (system)  Strength  :
               Ÿ Net Weight : 460gms ±10gms.
                                                                Ÿ Net Weight : 529gms ±10gms.
               Ÿ Conforms  to  :  EN  795:2012  Type  A  &  ANSI  Z
                  359.1:2007 & TS 16415:2013 for 4 users        Ÿ Conforms  to  :  EN  795:2012  Type  A  &  ANSI  Z
                                                                   359.1:2007 & TS 16415  for 4 users
               Ÿ Process : Forged
                                                                Ÿ Process : Forged
                                                                Ÿ Special  Length    of  studs  can  be  provided  on

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