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            Type A Anchor (As per EN 795:2012)

                                               Stainless Steel Chemical Point Anchor
                                               Ref. SA 12

                                               For fastening into concrete.
                                               Ÿ Material : Stainless Steel.
                                               Ÿ Net Weight : 300 gm ±1 0 gms.
                                               Ÿ Conforms to : EN 795 : 2012 Type A.
                                               Ÿ Is used with adhesive capsule 10 HVU M12 x 110 code : 256693
                                               Ÿ Drilling dia recommended for installation - 14mm & Depth-110mm.


                                 Removable Chemical Fastener Anchor
                NEW              Ref. SA 44

                                 This simple & safe concrete anchor is extremely easy to install using a single
                                 hand by just pressing a button. This anchor can be used on pre-installed
                                 sockets  on  any  floor,  wall  or  ceiling  &  provides  convenient  tie-off  points
                                 wherever needed.

                                    KARAM ADVANTAGE: KARAM Removable Chemical Fastener is provided with
                                    a Lock to prevent the anchorage eye from coming out of the stud  accidently.

                                 Features :                            Technical Description:
                                 ŸThis Anchor is capable of being      ŸMaterial:  Full  threaded  stud:
                                   installed on a concrete structure     Stainless Steel
                                   having  minimum  thickness  of      ŸAnchorage Eye: Alloy Steel
                                   150mm  through  a  Pre-defined
                                   hole of 20.00 mm diameter           ŸMinimum  Breaking  Strength:
                                 ŸRemovable  Anchorage  eye  for
                                   creating anchorage points at site   ŸNet weight: 346.0 gm
                                   as per requirement                  ŸConforms  to:  EN  795:  2012
                      Ref. SA 44                                         Type A
                                 ŸThe  user  can  connect  &
                                   disconnect  from  the  anchorage
                                   by  simply  pressing  a  button  &
                                   locking it to ensure that the anchor
                                   is installed properly

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