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          Conforms : EN 353-1:2014

          System Ref: VERTEX PN 9000
          System Specifications

          This is a complete Fall protection Ladder System which consists of
          Hot dipped galvanized Steel Ladder Rungs over which is fixed the
          Vertical Anchorage Rail made of Aluminium Alloy. This system is an
          ideal choice for use where there are no pre-fabricated ladders or
          climbing structures available for climbing and can be fitted over
          various structures using different types of fasteners.
          The system conforms to EN 353-1:2014
          The Rungs of the Ladder, made of Galvanized Steel, are fitted at a
          suitable  distance  from  the  underlying  structure/  profile  to  allow
          enough foot space. The rungs also have a grooved surface that
          allows a slip-free grip while climbing.
          The Aluminium Anchorage Rail fitted on to the center of the Rungs of
          the ladder is smooth and allows the Guided type Fall-Arrest Trolley to
          glide effortlessly over its length. This trolley moves up and down
          accompanying the user who is connected to it with the help of an
          Auto-locking Karabiner.
          The Trolley is made of Stainless Steel and has wheels made of
          Brass, making the system highly corrosion resistant and extremely
          smooth in working.
          In the event of a fall, the trolley immediately locks over the Rail, thus
          arresting the fall. Also, while not in use, the Uni-directional locking
          system of the Trolley does not allow it to fall freely down the Rail.
          The system comes with an Extension Arm that curves at the Ladder-
          end  over  the  working  platform.  This  allows  the  climbers  to  be
          connected with the trolley even at the Ladder termination, ensuring
          complete safety.
          The bottom most section is the Aluminium Rail Extremity which is
          equipped at the end with a lock that prevents the trolley from moving
          out of the rail.
          The system also has an Inspection Name Plate which is installed on
          the  first  rung  of  the  ladder  for  identification,  traceability  and
          maintenance of inspection records.
          This system can be used on telecommunications towers, radio and
          TV masts, power supply and hydroelectric installations, wind power
          facilities, construction, chimney and industrial plants, buildings and
          facades, crane installations, shafts and manholes, aircraft hangars
          and  for  loading/  unloading  of  trains  and  vehicles,  petrochemical
          plants, on-shore and off-shore oil rigs, ship-building.
                                                                      Extendable Brackets for Vertical Lifeline
          Support for Alu Extension

                  Ref. PN 8000(05)      Ref. PN 8000(06)
                  For Trapezoidal Roof  For Standing Seam Roof
                                                                     Ref. PN 9000 (13)   Ref. PN 9000 (13)EC
                                                                 Ÿ Extendable Bracket for vertical aluminium rail lifeline
                                                                    systems on side cladding of pre engineered building
                                                                 Ÿ Telescopic adjustment to adjust the clearance of the
          Ÿ Support for Alu Extension on the Landing Platform
                                                                    line from the vertical column & purlin
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