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Walkways, Treads and steps for Roofs

             Fixed Line System Design & Installation Service
             The Anchorage forms an important part of Fall Protection System. In the event of movement at height, along the vertical or a horizontal
             axis, we require an Anchorage System that spans across this movement. The Fixed Line Systems are such specially engineered
              It is important to understand that the Forces experienced over system and underlying structures in the event of a fall, are extremely
             complex to calculate and define.
              KARAM offers exceptional expertise to combat the problem. KARAM has a dedicated Team of trained Engineers who, by virtue of their
             experience and knowledge, are able to suggest optimal solutions for the requirement of FLS.
             This offers  following advantage to the Client:
                Ÿ   Provide a safe solution for anchorage
                Ÿ   Optimize the cost of the solution through Engineered products
                Ÿ   Safeguard the underlying structure on which the Line is installed.

                  KARAM uses the latest Design software like CAD, and Structural Design Software like StaadPro to accurately design Anchorage Line System, and
                   simulate the forces in the event of a fall.

             It is also extremely important for the Client to be confident of the system installed. Team KARAM uses specialized Onsite Testing
             and Proof-loading Equipment from HydraJaws UK, to provide this specialized service.
             KARAM also provides services for Annual on-site Inspection and Revalidation of these Systems.

                Why is Revalidation of Fall Protection   Fall Protection Equipment are life saving products. As per the EN 365 of PPE Directives, it is mandatory to have a
                Why is Revalidation of Fall Protection
                 Equipment important ?      'Competent Authority' inspect the Fall Protection Equipment at least once annually.
                 Equipment important ?

                                            PERIODIC EXAMINATION CHART

                                                          examination of
                                                          anchor devices

                               Visual          yes         installation-      no
                            inspection and                documentation                  manufacturer
                             function test                  available?
                                                                               yes             no
                         examination inter alia of
                          corrosion, deformation,
                         cracks, loose components,  fixing visible            fixing not visible
                            missed marking

                              result of     evaluation in accordance with the  evaluation in accordance with the
                             examinaton     technical construction regulations  manufacturer’s information
                                            with regard to the manufacturer’s  by means of tests (e.g. visual
                                             load specifications, type of fixing  and function test, tactile test,
                                               and mounting structure       static of dynamic test)
                       non acceptable  acceptable
                            condition  condition
                      replacement of the                    result of        not acceptable       result of
                        anchor device                      examinaton        or evaluation       examinaton
                                                                             not possible
                       documentation of  marking and  acceptable                                documentation
                        the installation  documentation of                                     of the installation
                                     the examination

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