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Roof Post Size Chart

           Component Code     Type of Roof                       Sizes in mm
           SA07 A          Trapezoidal      225 to 360
           SA07 B          Trapezoidal      225 to 360
           SA07 G          Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           SA07 H          Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           SA 38           Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           SA38 A          Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           SA72            Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           PN4000(26)90    Trapezoidal      217/275/285/333/347/397/405/465
           SA07 C          Standing seam/Klip Lock  225 to 400
           SA07 D          Standing seam/Klip Lock  225 to 400
           SA07 E          Standing seam/Klip Lock  535 to 605
           SA07 F          Standing seam/Klip Lock  535 to 605
           SA07 I          Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/333/350/400/405/434/450/500
           SA07 J          Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/333/350/400/405/434/450/500
           SA07 O          Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/310/333/350/364/400/434/450/500/600/610/650
           SA07 P          Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/310/333/350/364/400/434/450/500/600/610/650
           SA51            Standing seam/Klip Lock  247/250/275/300/305/333/367/400/429/434/500/600
           SA51A           Standing seam/Klip Lock  247/250/275/300/305/333/367/400/429/434/500/600
           PN4000(27)90    Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/333/350/400/405/434/450/500
           PN4000(28)90    Standing seam/Klip Lock  300/310/333/350/364/400/434/450/500/600/610/650

          Working at height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries.
          Common cases include:-
          Ÿ  Fall from height, like ladders, towers, etc. due to loss of balance
          Ÿ  Fall while working at height through fragile rooftops etc.
          KARAM      Fall Protection Equipment save the wearer from the risk of all such falls.
          However, awareness to hazards at height is the responsibility of the worker.
          KARAM       equipment saves the fall – Subject to the below mentioned points: -
          Ÿ Proper training of the user - Adequate training regarding hazards, equipment use, etc. must be provided to the user.
          Ÿ Proper care of the equipment - The equipment should be used and maintained as per the Instructions Manual of the products.
          Ÿ Medical Condition of the user - The User / Authority must ensure that the user is medically fit for work at height.
          Ÿ The equipment should always be used under the supervision of Trained & Competent personnel.
          A detailed Rescue Plan should also be in place and should be followed strictly in case of any emergency.
          Information provided in this movie / catalogue / brochure  is duly checked and is up to date.  It is acquired through passing the product through
          several stringent quality checks by the Quality assurance team at                  .
          Wherever required and necessary, KARAM      reserves the right to change the product specification.
          KARAM      cannot be held responsible in case of any inaccuracies or omissions while use of product.
          To seek advice in case of any doubt, please connect with authorized KARAM       personnel.
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