Company History

  Meet The Founders


Mr. Hemant Sapra (President, Global Marketing)
Mr. Hemant Sapra
(President, Global Marketing)

With deep understanding of Customer needs, and a dedicated approach towards excellence, Mr. Hemant Sapra’s personal and marketing skills have enabled to build trust and everlasting bonds not only with Customers across the globe but also with his team members. Mr. Sapra is also the President of Safety Appliances Manufacturing Association in India.

“Then – A team of two like-minded individuals, Mr. Rajesh Nigam & Mr. Hemant Sapra backed by only five other helping hands besides their own self-determination and die-hard spirit.
Now – A consolidated team of more than 2600 people each marching towards a common goal and backing one another.”

“Then – Safety Nets being the mainstay product
Now – An exhaustive range of Personal Protective Equipment, Confined space entry, egress products, Rope Access & Rescue products.”

“Then – A company, only dreaming to reach out to the world
Now – A company that has lived up to its dreams….. and dreaming bigger….”


“Then – Struggling to hold its ground
Now – A Strong name built on trust, not just in India, but all over the world…..”

“Then – A vision to acquire excellence in the field of Quality- in both Product and Service
Now – A stronger vision and a greater commitment towards achieving the same…. For both the Mankind and the Environment….”

Mr Rajesh Nigam hails from one of the most premium Engineering Institutes of the country, IIT-Kanpur, as a B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering.
His technical expertise and unique ability to apply his engineering skills has spearheaded the success behind launch of a wide range of highly technical safety products in the Indian as well as the overseas market.

Mr. Rajesh Nigam (President, KARAM Technical)
Mr. Rajesh Nigam
(President,  Technical)

Growth over the Years..


The journey of KARAM starts with manufacturing of Industrial Safety Belts in a small-rented premises in Lucknow. These are Certified as per the Indian Standard IS:3521:1989 with a workforce of only 5 operators.


Realizing the potential of the Fall Protection market in Europe and other parts of the world, KARAM becomes the first Indian company to manufacture Full Body Harnesses certified as per European Standards. KARAM exhibits at the biggest International Trade Fair for Occupational Safety and Health at Work in the world, (A+A) in Germany to showcase itself in front of the entire world.


With a positive response from the overseas market, export sales start booming. KARAM builds its first manufacturing facility in Lucknow measuring 7,200 sq. ft. Work force now crosses the 100 mark.


Also maintaining its focus on the domestic market, KARAM adds Head Protection along with Fall Protection to its portfolio to cater to the Indian market. The KARAM brand now starts getting recognition on the Indian front. Strength of Team KARAM crosses the 125 mark.


KARAM sees both Domestic as well as International sales booming at a rate higher than 50 per cent per annum. To keep in pace with the rising demand, a second plant in an area of 50,000 sq. ft. is established in Lucknow. This is a 100% Export Oriented Unit, while the old plant measuring 7,200 sq.ft. continues to cater to the domestic market. Workforce is now 200. KARAM was also accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 certification.


KARAM brand gains more strength in the domestic market and to keep pace with the demand a new facility is established in Rudrapur, Uttarakhand measuring 45,000 sq. ft. Total strength of the KARAM team now crosses the 350 mark.


KARAM establishes its regional offices to provide a better reach to its customers in all major metropolitan cities of the country like Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. These offices report directly to the KARAM Corporate Office based in Delhi. KARAM adds Foot Protection in its portfolio with a state of the art fully automated safety shoe manufacturing facility in Uttarakhand. The Research & Development activities for adding the foot protection range were already started in the early 1990s. The KARAM team strength now rises to over 1000 all over the country.


KARAM develops an entire range of Fall Protection Equipment conforming to American Standards opening its gateway to the biggest safety markets in the world, America and Canada. KARAM establishes another manufacturing plant (Unit 2) in Lucknow exclusively for the production of soft goods. KARAM has its own full-fledged Research and Development department headed by a team of more than 20 engineers and starts on its mission to design high-end engineering products in Fall Protection and also other areas of PPE. It has its own Tool Room for the development of all kinds of tools and dies. Our strength is now 1200.


KARAM embarks on its journey to become a multinational company and launches its own company in Europe by the name of KRATOS Safety based in Lyon, France to cater to the entire European market. Not only this, KARAM establishes its own office and marketing company in Dubai, UAE under the name of KARAM Safety DMCC to cater to the GCC and MINA market. KARAM is now present in Europe, Middle East and India. The global strength of


KARAM now becomes one of the biggest leaders in the Indian PPE market and becomes the ‘Best Choice for Safety’ for the customers. KARAM adds Eye Protection to its range with a state of the art fully automated plant for production of Safety Eyewear. KARAM is the first Indian company to produce its


KARAM adds another plant in Lucknow (Unit 3) in an area of 275,000 sq. ft. to cater to the growing demand of the Export market. KARAM also adds Fixed Line Systems in its range of Fall Protective Equipment. Workforce crosses the 2000 mark.


KARAM launches its new range of Ear Protection manufacturing ear plugs, ear muffs of high quality in its own state of the art manufacturing facility added within the Uttarakhand plant thereby growing in strength in the Indian market. It establishes its own company under the name K-Strong in the United States of America based in Huston, Texas to cater to the American market. Workforce now rises to 2300.


KARAM now stands as a one-stop shop for all PPE requirements of its customers in the domestic market with its manufacturing in the Uttarakhand plant. KARAM is also a single window supplier of the entire range of Fall Protection Equipment (soft goods, engineering products and heavy fabrications), that are all manufactured in its vertically


KARAM introduced a new array of Protective Workwear & Hand Protection range. KARAM was felicitated with the prestigious UP BRAND LEADERSHIP AWARD on 18th September, 2018 at Renaissance, Lucknow. KARAM opened its new Regional office in Lucknow U.P. KARAM is now the official license partner of Black+Decker for its PPE range in India with a mega launch at OSH Mumbai, 2018. B+D successfully sets its foot in the Indian Safety Market.


KARAM is now an associate partner for Ministry of labour in Myanmar (Burma). Also, labour department appreciated KARAM products and assured to support and promote KARAM in MYANMAR !