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Mr. Hemant Sapra (President, Global Marketing)
Mr. Hemant Sapra
(President, Global Marketing)

With deep understanding of Customer needs, and a dedicated approach towards excellence, Mr. Sapra’s personal and marketing skills have enabled to build up trust and lasting bonds not only with Customers all across the globe, but also with his team members. Mr. Sapra is also the President of Safety Appliances Manufacturing Association in India.

“Then – A team of two like-minded individuals – Mr. Rajesh Nigam & Mr. Hemant Sapra backed by only five other helping hands, besides their own self-determination and die-hard spirit.
Now – A consolidated team of more than 2600 people each marching towards a common goal and backing one another.”

“Then – Safety Nets being the mainstay product
Now – An exhaustive range of Personal Protective Equipment, Confined space entry-egress products, Rope Access & Rescue products.”

“Then – A company, only dreaming to reach out to the world
Now – A company that has lived up to its dreams….. and dreaming bigger….”


“Then – Struggling to hold its ground
Now – A Strong name built on trust….not just in India, but globally all over…..”

“Then – A vision to acquire excellence in the field of Quality- in both Product and Service
Now – A stronger vision and a greater commitment towards achieving the same…. For both-the Mankind and the Environment….”

Mr Rajesh Nigam hails from one of the most premium Engineering Institutes of the country- IIT-Kanpur, as a B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering. His technical expertise and unique ability to apply his engineering skills has spearheaded the success behind launch of a wide range of highly technical safety products in the Indian as well as the overseas market.

Mr. Rajesh Nigam (President, KARAM Technical)
Mr. Rajesh Nigam
(President,  Technical)

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