SA 15(A)

Beam Anchor Trolley
Ref : SA 15(A)

This Beam-Anchor Trolley, also provides a movable anchorage point using the length of the overhead Beam to which it is mounted, to move along with the user.
Anchorage is provided by a Steel D-ring attached to the trolley-bar.
It is constructed of Aluminum and Stainless steel, is highly corrosion resistant, and extremely easy to install.
The Flanges are adjustable, and can be adjusted to widths from 80mm to 250mm.
The wheels of the trolley provide extremely smooth movement over the beam, over which it is mounted.

  • Minimum Breaking (System) Strength : 5000lbs/23kN.
  • Net Weight : 3900gms ± 10gms.
  • Conforms to : EN 795 : 2012 Type B & ANSI Z 359.1:2007.