FAP 30399(6)(OR)

Revolta Forked Fall Arrest Lanyard with Rebar Hook
Ref : FAP 30399 (6) (OR)

The ANSI certified KARAM REVOLTA Forked Lanyards have the unique repellent technology along with internal shock absorption. They are provided with different configurations of Hooks to suit various applications.

  • Specifications : Elasticated Lanyard Incorporated with 6 ft free fall Shock Absorption & Breaking Strength of Webbing is 6000lbs
  • Available Length : 4.5ft (Relaxed Length) & 6.0ft (Expanded Length)
  • Attachment Elements : Steel Stamped Snap Hook PN 146 at attachment end and two Steel Stamped Rebar Hooks PN 149 at Anchorage ends.
  • Conforms to : ANSI Z 359.13-2009.