PN 408

Ref : PN 408
  • Ideal equipment for use in rescue and evacuation
  • Comes with the feature of controlled descent along with an integral rescue winch function
  • Made of highly corrosion resistant Aluminium Alloy
  • High functional Safety
  • Resistant to damp, heat & cold
  • Descent speed controlled at average 1.1m/sec
  • Comes with KARAM Kernmantle Rope of dia 10.5mm permanently assembled to the system
  • Sufficient length of rope is provided assembled with the product to allow descent of upto 150m
  • Both termination ends of the rope is provided with textile loops for connection with Hooks.
  • The Anchorage end of evac-r is provided with unique swivel functioning. This prevents undue twisting of rope during usage
  • Conforms to EN 341 & EN 1496:2006
Ref No. Anchorage end Weight Hoisting Capacity
PN 408 Anchorage eye 2135 gms 100 kg