Safety Eyewear

2. Safety Eyewear 
Why Safety Spectacles are Important?

Protective Eye Wear i.e., the safety spectacles or goggles are used to protect human eyes from various hazards which are present in different types of work places. The hazards present in the work places are much more harmful compared to those present in our domestic life and hence the protection required is also high in several parameters.

Based on these possible hazards in the work places, the protective equipment i.e. the safety eye wear is designed with higher attributes to ensure protection. Safety eyewear must conform to a higher standard of impact resistance than regular eyeglasses. This higher standard applies to both the lenses and the frames of safety glasses and goggles. Regardless of their size or the durability of the frame and lenses, regular prescription eyeglasses do not qualify as safety glasses as they do not meet certain criteria.

S. No. Field of Work Usage of Area Risk
1. Mechanical Work Grinding, drilling, stone cutting, maintenance Impact, Dust
2. Outside Work Gardening, road works, building site work, shooting Impact, Glare, UV
3. High Dust Area Cement packing, Mines Dust, Impact
4. Handling machinary Fork lift truck, heavy plant HGV, PSV Glare, UV, Changing light conditions
5. Medical Application Laboratory, general surgery Liquid splash, infected blood
6. Chemical Application Painting, Handling chemicals Chemical splash (acid, aklalis) Paint spray
7. Metallurgy Furnace works Impact, infra-red, molten metal, glare
8. Surface Inspection Quality control, Wood lamp, curing Ultra Violet, Blue Light
9. Rigging Wind mill maintenance, towers High wind, dust
10. Gas Welding Welders assistant, brazing, gas welding, oxy-cutting Ultra Violet, glare, IR, sparks
11. Arc Welding Welder’s assistant, plasma cutting Ultra Violet, glare, infra-red, sparks