Q 1. What is the strength of the KARAM Harnesses?

Ans. The KARAM CE range of harnesses are tested as per procedures laid down in the relevent EN norms to sustain a static load of 15 KN for three minutes without showing signs of damage of the webbing or metal parts.

Q 2. What is the shelf life of KARAM Harnesses?

Ans. When stored in ideal conditions(as specified in the instructional manual) the shelf life of KARAM harnesses is 10 years.

Q 3. What is the work life of the KARAM Harnesses?

Ans. The KARAM harness is a personal protective equipment. It should be used till as long as there are no visible signs of wear or damage to any part of the harness.It has been observed that when the KARAM harness is used in the correct manner and stored in clean environment (as per storage and maintenance guidelines given in the instruction manual) the harness can last for up to 10 years.

Q 4. Can I wash my KARAM Harness?

Ans. It is important to keep the harness clean and away from grime and dust. You may wash the harness using a mild soap(neutral Ph) and a soft sponge. Also it is important to dry the harness naturally away from direct sunlight.

Q 5. What is the maximum weight of a worker suitable for wearing KARAM Harness?

Ans. KARAM harnesses are tested on 100 kg dummy mass when using maximum 2m lanyard.

Q 6. Which KARAM Harnesses are ideal for use with KARAM easy seat IMP 004?

Ans. Easy Seat IMP 004 can be used with KARAM harnesses – Magna 3 and Rhino harnesses PN 56 and PN 57.

Q 7. How do I know that the intended life of KARAM Lanyard is over?

Ans. KARAM rope lanyards are provided with colored tracer strands. These strands fade when exposed to ultra-violet degradation hence indicating possible damage and weakening of the rope lanyard. This way the user can know that the lanyard is now not fit for further use.


Q 1. Can we use KARAM Rope Grab Fall Arrester PN 2000 with any Anchorage Line other than KARAM Polyamide Anchorage Line?

Ans. KARAM rope- grab fall arrester PN 2000 is a guided-type fall arrester on a flexible anchorage line and is certified as per EN 353-2. KARAM recommends that the rope-grab be used only along with KARAM polyamide anchorage line of 14mm or 16mm dia because it has been tested and certified in this combination only. If used with any other anchorage line the product cannot be considered as a certified equipment. KARAM shall not be liable for any consequences incurred thereafter.

Q 2. What can i use for safe Anchorage where the Termination Hook of my Lanyard is unable to provide the required opening?

Ans. KARAM offers an entire range of anchorage slings of various lengths. These slings can easily be wound around strong support structures(taking care that there are no sharp edges) hence providing ready anchorage points.

Q 3. How can I get safe Anchorage on structures like I-Beams?

Ans. KARAM provides a ready solution for anchorage on beams through its product beam anchor reference SA 08. The adjustable arm of the anchor post allows usage on beams of various widths.

Q 4. How can we get safe Anchorage over the length of a roof?

Ans. KARAM provides a portable easy to use temporary horizontal anchorage line PN 3000 which is available in a total length of 20 m. This line can be adjusted for lengths ranging from 5m to 20m. You can use anchorage slings on the posts to connect this horizontal line at the two ends.


Q 1. What is the frequency of servicing for the KARAM Retractable Blocks?

Ans. KARAM recommends that the KARAM retractable fall arrester blocks be sent to KARAM authorized service centres for inspection and servicing each time the equipment is arrested to a fall. Additionally KARAM also recommends annual servicing of blocks which are in use.

Q 2. What is the advantage of the Swivel Eye on the KARAM Blocks?

Ans. The swivel anchorage eye provided on the KARAM retractable blocks allows the block to move along with the user without causing undue twist of the rope. Hence in the event of a fall the victim does not swivel dangerously while suspended at a height.