SA 17

Ref : SA 17
  • The Megapod is equipped with high quality, rugged systems that will ensure top performance when it is needed the most.
  • KARAM Megapod is made from Aluminium hence is extremely lightweight and portable, easily set-up by just one worker and can be transported from one work area to another.
  • Ideal for confined space entry and emergency rescue applications. Can be used easily with all KARAM Winches and fall arrest devices eg. Blocks
  • Comes with Adjustable height from 1.32 m to 2.13 mfrom ground level.
  • Minimum & Maximum distance between the legs : SA 17 (7ft) 0.85m & 1.23m, SA 17 (10ft) 0.96m & 1.72m.
  • Inner & Outer Adjustment can be achieved by Sliding Telescope Legs.
  • Provided with a Pulley system (steel cable guiding) for fitment of Winch.
  • Can be used with all the Winches namely PN 801, PN 817, PN 818, Retrieval Fall Arrester Blocks PCGS 10R, PCGS 20R & PCGS 30R with the help of their specialized mounting brackets respectively.
  • This Megapod is provided with Megapod bag Ref. BG 62

Other significant features of KARAM Megapod :

  • Locking legs
  • Simple detent pin style adjustment
  • Quick-mount mechanical device bracket
  • Safety chain to prevent movement, and safety shoes that incorporate a rubber sole for flat surfaces, and spiked edges for slippery surfaces.
Model Length Adjustable Height Wheelbase Footprint (Ø) Weight (Kg) Max. Load Capacity Compliance
SA 17 7 ft 1.32m to 2.13m 1.21m to 2.0m 19.0 500kg EN 795:2012, Type B & ANSI Z 359.1-2007
SA 17 10 ft 2.22m to 3.14m 1.70m to 2.47m 23.83 500kg
SA 17(W) 7 ft 1.32m to 2.13m 1.21m to 2.0m 19.34 500kg
SA 17(W) 10 ft 2.22m to 3.14m 1.70m to 2.47m 24.13 500kg