MIC 02

Micron Retractable Fall Arrester Block
Ref : MIC 02

Micron Block is the lightest Retractable Fall Arrest Block in its Range. It comes in a NEW SMART and STYLISH design with different Hook options for you to chose from.
Incorporated with robust & durable casing, this Mikron Block is extremely light in weight & easy to carry. It is made up of finest material for longevity and extended use.

  • Extremely light in weight, weighing less than 600 gms (excluding Hook).
  • Has inbuilt textile Energy Absorber with protective cover on it.
  • Material : Robust and durable polymer casing.
  • Maximum length of Retractable Webbing – 2 mtrs.
  • Attachment End : Comes with Aluminum Swivel Quarter Turn Locking Hook PN 130 having impact indicator.
  • Can be used Horizontally.
  • Can also be used when Anchor Point is at the foot level.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength : 15 kN.
  • Conforms to : EN 360:2002, VG 11 # 11.060. It passes the test for Fall Factor 2.

Unique Features :

  • New Smart & Stylish design with different Hook options to choose from.
  • Incorporated with Robust & Durable casing, this Mikron block is extremely Light in weight & easy to carry (almost pocket size).
  • Made up of finest material for Longevity and Extended use.
  • Fall distance is minimal as compared to Energy Absorbing Lanyards hence retrieval of fall victim is easier.

Mikron as a Lanyard

KARAM offers two unique & separate Dorsal D-ring attachments to use Mikron Block as both single & Forked Lanyards.

  • Mikron can be used as a single or Forked Lanyard as per requirement
  • No additional connector is required
  • Reduces the length of the swing during the fall thereby preventing the Mikron from hitting the head of the user
  • Can be attached to any of the Harnesses
  • Is installed on the webbing of the Harness, hence the Dorsal D-ring is free for attaching other equipment or rescue
  • Snug fit design
  • Provides 100% tie off Configuration
  • Provides Mobility when moving from one location to another