Sealed Casing Block
Ref : SLBL 10
  • Sealed Design (meets IP68 Level of IEC 60529) All critical parts of the block are sealed from contamination thereby increasing its reliability in harsh conditions.
  • Pivoting Anchorage Loop Allows the block to move slightly to minimize friction on the cable if the block is not well aligned
  • Side Handle with Special Grip Consists of side handle with special grip for easy carrying & Safe transportation
  • Stainless Steel Cover For maximum durability in harsh environments.
  • 4.5mm Diameter Retractable Stainless Steel Wire Rope of length 10m Provides increased strength
  • Snout for minimizing the accidental Locking Consists of Snout which minimizes the accidental locking of the Block when the wire rope is released suddenly
  • Quick Lifeline Assembly The only non-sealed portion of the block can easily be changed on site by a competent
    person. The wire rope can be changed quickly & easily with minimum tools.
  • Impact Indicator in Hook Allows easy visual inspection to determine if the unit has experienced a fall by a user.
  • Steel Swivel Snap Hook PN 162 At attachment end.
  • Conforms to EN 360:2002 IP68 Level of IEC 60529


Model Length Weight (Kg)
SLBL 10 10 mtr 7.36