PN 404

Rescue Roll
Ref : PN 404

To raise and lower the mass/load/material with ease. The device is also used for either raising or lowering the mass/load/
material to the ground or the next accessible level.

  • It is a versatile system made up of Aluminium and Steel components, which are light in weight and highly corrosion resistant.
  • The system is provided in a fully assembled factory fitted 3:1 or 5:1 hauling ratio.
  • A single person can easily operate the device to raise or lower mass/load/material with considerable ease.
  • Unidirectional movement of the Rope Retention Guide (Ref. PN 404) allows the rope to hold itself in place, hence preventing any reel-back and allowing effortless ascent and controlled descent.
  • It comes with an ascend Rope Clamp along with a Cross Arm Strap and specially designed control device PN 410. This arrangement stops the descent in case it is accidentally released.
  • The rope used is a KARAM Kernmantle rope of Diameter 10.5mm. This rope is tested for strength, is abrasion resistant, and comes fitted in the system in lengths as per requirement.
  • Suitable for use for maximum personal load of 250 kgs.