AP 018

Ratchet Pulley
Ref : AP 018
  • Ratchet Pulley is the latest innovation by KARAM in Rescue, Confined Space working and Work Suspension Systems.
  • Ratchet pulley has an over-speed built in brake so that the Pulley gets locked & hold the victim in the case of fall.
  • Ratchet pul ley is provided in configuration of two different hauling ratios 3:1 & 5:1
  • Casing: Robust & Durable Polymer casing
  • Conforms to: EN 360:2002
  • Anchorage Eye for swivel action
  • Compatible with Kernmantle Rope dia 10.5mm

KARAM Advantage: Works till several locking. Works as a Block, can be re-used hence no servicing is required after each fall.