PN 2003

Guided Type Fall Arrester System on Flexible Anchorage Line
Ref : PN 2003

The Rope Grab in this system is constructed of high strength steel and works on 12mm dia Kernmantle rope anchorage line, incorporated permanently on the anchorage line, and comes with an energy absorbing element.
It is not detachable from the rope-this gives an advantage that the worker does not lose the device when the equipment is not in use.
This system is an ideal Fall Restraint device for use while working on platforms and roofs.

  • The Anchorage line has one side loop for connector and the other side a stop knot.
  • The Anchorage line is available in lengths of 5m to 100m
  • Conforms to EN 353-2:2002
Ref. System Components
PN 2003
  • Galvanized Steel Non Openable Rope Grab RG 03 permanently stitched with Shock Absorber PN 300
  • Steel Screw Locking Karabiner: Ref. PN 112(C)
  • Anchorage Line : Kernmantle Rope of dia 12mm
  • Has coloured tracer yarn which loses its colour in due course of time, to show that the rope is now unfit for further use.