Face-shield – The new saviour during COVID times

Face-shield – The new saviour during COVID times


The corona virus pandemic has shaken the very foundations of our lives. Experts believe that the virus spreads through respiratory droplets, which mandates all of us to take proactive safety measures to ensure our safety and well-being.

Recent studies show that a large number of people are now carrying the virus asymptomatically. As the world unlocks itself towards a new normal, we ought to be more careful than ever.

So how can you stay safe as you start going back to office, schools, metro, shopping malls and other public places?

The best answer is a face-shield. It is the most effective method to shield oneself from the suspended virus particles in the air, especially in areas with limited air circulation. It doesn’t require constant readjustment and provides completely protection against virus entry.

High-speed video images of a sneeze between 0.006 sec (a) to 0.341 sec (f) IMAGES BY LYDIA BOUROUIBA, MIT

How Effective Are Face Shields?

Face shields are highly recommended because they cover and protect the entire face, including the eyes, chin and ears. They also prevent people from touching their faces or inadvertently exposing themselves other hazardous splashes. They are comfortable and non-intrusive.

We have also come to learn that the virus particles linger in the environment for some time, and can also be transferred via aerosols. This makes engulfing face shields an efficient guard against infection.

Face shield wrap around a small portion of a person’s forehead, preventing the urge to itch.

Reducing the environmental burden

Used Face Masks are ending up in land-fills, thus causing a huge environmental burden. Face Shields can be easily cleansed by using sanitizers or soaps and used until they break. Thus, they’re a more environment friendly option

Face shields should be used by the following groups:

  • Healthcare staff
  • Airlines staff
  • Office-goers
  • Teachers & Students
  • Attendants in Shops & Malls
  • Staff of Salons/ Grocery & Medical Stores
  • Public transport users
  • All those exposed to a large number of people on a daily basis

The government should also encourage private sector companies to equip their workers with shields. Guidelines should be released to inform people about they can be reused and in what situations they should be worn with a mask.

Face Shields for the General Public

People infected with the virus might not show any symptoms during the incubation period or can even be asymptomatic and pass on the virus to other people and contaminate surface without knowing. Thus, wearing a face shield at all times when leaving the house is an important precautionary measure for everyone.


As we strive to adapt ourselves to this “new normal”, the world around us will keep moving forward. It is up to us to take be conscious of our actions, as they not only affect us but also the safety of those around us. The face shield offers an additional, much needed defence to fight against Covid-29, and we will succeed together.

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