We at KARAM feel responsible towards the society and also the surrounding environment that we live in. Koshish is a modest effort that was initiated by KARAM in 2014 to organize various corporate social responsibility campaigns to contribute towards the society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives range from giving away a portion of company’s proceeds to the charity to implementing “greener business operations”.

 Environmental Efforts

KARAM  initiated the installation of Solar panels on the roof of one of the Units in Lucknow, covering a vast span of the area over its roof top. The project is an ongoing one, with plans for further investments in this undertaking in the next 3 years.

After Plantation drive which was initiated pan KARAM in the year 2016-17, KARAM team members visited Avadh Van Prabhag in Lucknow in July 2018 and donated 200 saplings towards this noble cause. The Nursery has taken the responsibility to nurture these saplings, and grow them into full-fledged trees.

Efforts have been made to conserve water through initiating processes like recycling, monitoring and controlling water wastage all over KARAM offices. The focus in the next three years will be on effective Rainwater Harvesting processes to restore the ground water levels in all manufacturing units. 

Strong initiatives are taken to control the usage of paper, and also to recycle it wherever possible. At KARAM, we are aiming for significant reduction in paper usage involving most of the processes like differentiation of bins for different kind of waste.

Philanthropic Efforts 

Karam extended its helping hand to the family of a deceased worker, to ensure that his 3 children continue to get their primary & secondary education. In this endeavor, Karam started sponsoring their annual education from 2015-16 session onwards. Hence, KARAM took initiative in the year 2019-20 also for sponsoring their education. With the feeling of greatness for doing something good, Karam is giving these blooming buds a future full of hope.

As India reels in the aftermath of the February 14 Pulwama attack, which claimed the lives of 44 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel, KARAM comes forward to help the grieving families by contributing Rs. 5,00,000/- to the Bharat Ke Veer corpus.

KARAM supports Thalessemic India Society in creating awareness by a small efforts.

KARAM contributed a small amount of funds to the victims of the unfortunate Kerala floods that happen recently.

Our contribution to the Eshwar Child Foundation is just a small effort under Koshish to bring a smile on a childs face. We supports the cause of less privileged children suffering from Cancer. Also we monitory supported for HIV+ childrens

Donation to the victims of Nepal Earthquake 

Business Ethics

Ethical Labour Practices

Worker Health Check up

At KARAM, labor practices are considered to be of prime importance. Timely payment of wages, safe working practices, regular medical aid, provident fund savings, festival bonuses and an effective grievance addressing system are illustrations of KARAM’s effective ethical labor practices.

Employees and Business Ethics

Annual Day Celebration

KARAM offers equal employment opportunities and absolutely fair treatment of its employees. We have in place a Policy against Sexual Harassment, Policy for suggestions and grievance addressing and prohibition of child labor to secure employee rights.