ES 71

Helmet Mountable Welding Shield
Ref : ES 71

Provides complete protection to the user’s face during welding operations. Should be used only in conjunction with a safety Helmet, and should not be used independently.

During welding operations.


  • Equipped with a flip front window that the user can choose to open when not performing an operation.
  • Has adapter clamps for Helmet mounting and adjustment knobs for easy and perfect fitment.
  • When fitted, it will protect the wearer’s face due to the special wrap-around design and fits most standard safety Helmets which have a 30.0mm accessory attachment slot.
  • IR 11 lens is inserted between two protective lens conforming to EN 166 and ANSI Z 87.1 for increased protection.
  • Has removable lens that is tested against EN 175 and EN 169.
  • Can be fitted on KARAM Helmets (Shelmet, Sheltek, Shelblast and Sheltor).

High impact resistant polycarbonate for increased protection.

Size of Window
100mm x 75mm

Operating Range
-50 0C to+800C and tested for electrical insulation.

Certified to
EN 175:1997 Conforms to ANSI Z87.1