SA 11

Parapet Anchor
Ref : SA 11

The KARAM Parapet Anchor provides a safe anchorage point on parapets and facades. A regular Screw-bolt anchor cannot be used in such places because it may damage the base structure.
KARAM Parapet Anchor preserves the look of the parapet and facade, while providing a safe anchorage point. The soft part on the inner of the Flanges also ensures that the parapet is not damaged.
The adjustable Flanges make the KARAM Parapet Anchor device versatile for use on various structures having a width ranging from 60mm to 360mm.

  • Material: High strength steel galvanized to provide corrosion protection.
  • Minimum Breaking (System) Strength : 5000lbs/23kN.
  • Flange width adjustable from 60mm to 360mm.
  • Net Weight : 9000gms ±100gms.
  • Conforms to EN 795 : 2012 Type B & ANSI Z 359.1:2007.