Horizon PN 5000



Horizontal Anchorage Line System on Rigid Aluminium Rail
Ref : HORIZON PN 5000

This Anchorage Rail system complies with EN 795:2012 Type D and is designed to provide safe anchorage for horizontal movement while working at height. The Worker wears a Full body Harness and uses a Lanyard (or other Connector compliant with EN 354/EN 355) to connect to the eye of the Trolley, which glides along the Aluminium horizontal Rail. For overhead applications a Self Retractable Fall Arrester can be used to provide the most effective means of fall protection.
The Horizon PN 5000 can be fitted on to floors, wall and on ceilings using special mounting brackets. The Wallmounting brackets can be flushed along the surface of the wall. Alternately, special mounting brackets which allow a recess between the rail and the wall may be used so as not to interrupt underlying structures like pipes and wires. The rail is available in straight as well as curved forms (for corners and bends). The specially fixed junctions between different lengths of the rail allow an extremely smooth movement of the Trolley.
The system also has an Inspection Name Plate for identification, traceability and maintenance of inspection records.
This system can be used on flat roofs, steep roofs, working platforms on masts and buildings, Hangars, Shipyards, Cranes, Industrial plants etc.

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