STS 01(N)

Suspension Intolerance Strap
Ref : STS 01(N)

The KARAM Suspension intolerance Strap can be used by a victim of fall to combat ill effects of Suspension Trauma , while he waits for his rescue, suspended in his harness. This strap is provided placed inside 2 light weight zipped pouches , which can be conveniently worn on the Thigh Straps on both left & right sides of the Harness withthe help of textile loop & Velcro. In the event of a fall , the victim can easily zip-open the pouches & attach together the deployed webbing straps with the help of convenient buckle.

  • Extremely effective; specially designed to help relieve the negative effects of Suspension Trauma.
  • Compact and Light-weight. Does not hamper with the activity of the worker while at work.
  • Allows the suspended worker to stand up in his harness to relieve pressure.
  • Easy to attach to the Harness with the help of the textile loop and velcro provided.
  • Easy deployment; operation is fool-proof.
  • KARAM provides Harnesses fitted with the Suspension Intolerance Straps on request.