KORE – Blocks with Synthetic Textile Rope Retractable Lanyard
Ref : PCSR 20R

  • Light in weight and portable.
  • These Blocks have been specially designed for workers working in areas having high
    temperature, offshores, and in the areas having an acidic environment.
  • Casing made up of high impact strength polymer, to prevent breakage and is nearly
  • Comes with abrasion resistant textile rope of dia 6.0mm
  • Ref. PCSR 20R comes with a unique Hydro seepage system to drain clogged water which
    accumulates in the block during usage.
  • Has Swivel Snap Hook PN 162 with impact indicator.
  • Anchorage eye with swivel action. Prevents undue twist of rope while working or in the
    event of a fall.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength > 15kN
  • Ref. PCSR 20 is certified to EN 360:2002 and Ref. PCSR 20R is certified to EN 360:2002
    and EN 1496:2017 Class B

Model Length Weight (Kg)
PCSR 20R 20 mtr 9.37