HS 111

Latex Gloves
Ref : HS 111

Your perfect choice for protection of your hands against water based chemicals.

KARAM Advantage:

  • Provided with Pebble Finish on both palm and back side of the glove, which reduces the retention of chemicals on the surface of the glove, besides offering better grip.
  • Specially treated for low risk of Latex Protein allergy, hence is better accepted than other Latex gloves.

Applications :

  • Chemical process and its applications
  • Heavy duty cleaning tasks
  • Maintenance of plant and heavy equipment
  • General industrial application
  • Food processing and handling operations
  • General janitorial and cleaning operations

Product Description :

  • 100% natural latex compound gloves for protection against a vast range of ketones, alcohols epoxies, alkalis, caustics, detergents and other water based chemicals.
  • Pebble finish for superior grip of smaller parts
  • Heavy duty gloves for enhanced mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Specially treated for lower risk of allergy
  • Passes BS EN 1186 part 9:2002 – Materials and articles in contact with foodstuff
  • Flocklined from inside for reduced perspiration, hence offering greater comfort and performance, and better dexterity


  • EN ISO 374:2016
    • EN 374-1:2016-Permeation
    • EN 374-4:2013-Degradation
    • EN ISO 374-5:2016-Micro-Organisms
    • BS EN 1186-9:2002-Food Grade
  • EN 388:2016