Safety Goggles Against Biochemical Splashes

Safety Goggles Against Biochemical Splashes
Ref : ES 009-ECO

Doctors, Nurses , isolation, IC practices, clinics, hospitals, long term care facilities and all other Health Workers to protect their eyes from any chemical or biological splashes bloodborne pathogens and projectiles when exposed to such risks


  • Comes with a unique wrap-around design
  • Provides ultimate eye protection against all kinds of biological and chemical splashes, bloodborne pathogens and projectiles
  • Best in class optical clarity that prevents vision distortion while at work.
  • Superior anti-scratch lens property for prolonged usage without any obstruction.
  • Comfortable and snug fit around the eyes to ensure full coverage and protection at all times.
  • Adjustable head band makes it universal in size for all users.
  • Has a soft PVC shroud around the lens to ensure 100% sealing of the eyes against chemical and liquid splashes.
  • The shroud has 4 ventilation caps, 2 on the top and 2 at the bottom of the frame. These are special one-way vents which allow air movement while keeping harmful liquid-splashes out.
  • Fully sterilized for ready to use complete protection

High Impact resistant optical class 1 Polycarbonate lens

70 gms approx

CONFORMS TO:  EN 166:2001