ES 004

Electric- Arc Welder’s Choice
Ref : ES 004

Conforms to EN 166:2002, EN 175:1997 & ANSI 87.1 – 2010
Equipped with a special IR-11 lens and a broad, soft PVC body which provides the wearer a wider protective sealing area, the ES 004 is an ideal choice for a variety of electric arc welders.

Area of Use

  • Best suited for electric arc welding, mig, tig and other electrical welding operations

Lens Features

  • IR-11 lens
  • Lens material Polycarbonate
  • Hard-coated for Scratch-Resistence
  • High Impact Resistant
  • Comes with Lens Replaceable feature

Special Features

  • It has a wide soft PVC body which provides the wearer excellent comfort.
  • It is provided with a flip-up lens window to enable clear vision during those times while welding operation is not in progress.
  • It is provided with Six Indirect Ventilation Caps two on top, two in bottom and one each in sides.
  • It has a fully adjustable elastic head- band for a snug fit.
  • High impact resistant
  • Comes with Lens Replaceable feature.