RFH 01+

Ref : RFH 01+

FFP1 S disposable Face Mask with Ear Loops and Exhalation Valve designed to filter air contaminants, viruses, bacterial micro-organisms, dust, pollen, and smoke. Allows the user to breathe easy and germ-free.

RFH 01+ is an ideal choice for use upto 12 hours (cumulative) in varied industries. This Face Mask is most suited for different applications in daily activities.

General Features:

  • Unique design for full face coverage down to the chin that exerts uniform pressure all across the facial contour
  • Soft and easily adjustable headband
  • Exhalation Valve allows one -way ventilation
  • Special spectacle seat on the nose clip for resting of spectacles with no fogging
  • Ultrasonically sealed metal-reinforced flexible plastic nose-clip within the layers of the Mask
  • Ultrasonically sealed headband onto the Mask for better strength
  • Every Mask comes with batch number/ lot number details for complete transparency with the user
  • Fully sterilized before being packaged
  • Comes with a catchy zig-zag pattern on the edge (Design registration pending)
  • Certified to IS 9473:2002

Unique Features of Fabric:

  • Multi-Layer Protection Filters contaminants like dust, particulate matter, viruses, bacteria
  • and other micro-organisms
  • Made of Non-woven Highly Breathable Polypropylene material
  • Ultra-Soft Fabric for superior comfort over prolonged usage
  • Electrostatically Charged Filter for enhanced filtering efficiency
  • Water Repellent outer layer ensuring that the mask does not soak when in contact with a few drops of water
  • Sweat Absorbent innermost layer for utmost comfort during prolonged usage

Unique Features of Headband

  • Made of Hypoallergenic Elasticated Material of 5mm width that does not
  • cause allergies
  • Soft, Latex-free and Sweat Absorbent material
  • One size fits all
  • Does not stretch even after prolonged usage
  • Easy to wear for extended hours without creating pressure


Vital TestRequirement as per StandardKARAM Mask
Particulate Filtering Efficiency(Clause 5.4.2 of IS 9473:2002)Requirement as per Standard- 80%Exceeds 90%
Breathing Resistance
(Clause 5.11 of IS 9473:2002)
Inhalation Flow- 30 l/min: Should be less than 0.6 mbar 0.4 mbar
Inhalation Flow- 95 l/min: Should be less than 2.1 mbar1.2 mbar
Exhalation Flow- 160 l/min: Should be less than 3.0 mbar 1.2 mbar
Total Inward Leakage (Clause 5.4.1 of IS 9473:2002)The arithmetic mean of the total inward leakage of atleast 8 out of 10 subjects should not be greater than 22%0.0278
The arithmetic mean of the total inward leakage of atleast 46 subjects should not be greater than 25%0.0358
CO2 Content of Inhalation Air (Clause 5.7 of IS 9473:2002)Carbon dioxide content of the inhalation air (dead space) should not exceed an average of 1% (by vol.)< 0.4%
Flammability (Clause 5.6 of IS 9473:2002)The Face Mask when subject to pass the flame once at the specified speed should not continue to burn after removal of flameKARAM Mask does not continue to burn after removal of flame
Bacterial Filtering EfficiencyBacterial filtering efficiency should be >90% >90%