Head Protection

1. Head Protection 
Always wear your Safety Helmet and keep your head in the Game!

Why Helmets are important?

Safety helmets protect the most important part of the body Protecting the head & brain from impact of force, Trauma & Head Injuries. A well-made Safety Helmet may be the critical difference between life and death in hazardous environments.

How to Inspect your Safety Helmet:

  • Inspect Safety helmet shell, suspension system and other accessories for holes, cracks, tears or other damage that might compromise the protective value of the Safety Helmet·
  • Never drill holes, paint or apply labels to protective headgear as this may reduce the integrity of the protection.
  • Do not store Safety Helmet in direct sunlight, such as on the rear window shelf of a car, since sunlight and extreme heat can damage the Helmet
  • If the Helmet Shell becomes faded in color, or feels stiff and brittle, degradation of the Shell may be occurring. It should be replaced immediately at the first sign of any of these conditions.

Safety Helmets Will Protect The User’s Head Against:

  • Hitting fixed dangerous objects at the workplace,
  • Open flame, molten metals splash, electric shock, high temperature – this would depend on the standard of the safety helmet selected.
  • Injury to the head from falling object or when working in areas of restricted head space.

Corrugations on outer shell For increased impact resistance
Increased vertical clearance For optimum shock absorption
Ergonomics including Adjustability & Comfort features For maximum comfort to the user at all times & to Combat all adverse climatic conditions
Conformance to shock Absorption test For lowering the impact of force transmitted to a head form to within the specified limits as mentioned in the norms
Conformance to Flame resistant test As per IS/EN Norms
Conformance to water absorption test For minimal water absorption by the helmet under specified test conditions
Conformance to penetration resistance test For ensuring that the helmet does not show signs of piercing, denting or failure of any of its integral parts
Conformance to Chin strap strength test To ensure that the Chin Strap withstand the specified Load.