Safety Footwear

9. Safety Footwear
KARAM Safety Footwear equipped with Anti-Static property

Charges build up in the body while we work through the day, as a result of various non-conductive materials that rub against us and each other. If we wish to avoid static charges, we must ensure that the charges should not be allowed to build up in the body, and should be continuously dissipated into the ground (commonly termed as “earthing”). KARAM Anti–static shoe provides an easy access of this charge to flow from the body into the Earth. The sole of this shoe is made in such a way that an easy channel is provided to dissipate these static charges to the ground. KARAM Safety Shoe is tested for Anti-Static property for its Electrical Resistance to between 100 kilo ohms and 1000 mega ohms, as per EN 20345:2011.

What is ESD (Electro Static Discharge property)?

A Safety Shoe is termed to have an ESD property when it is able to dissipate even smaller pockets of charges, and electrical resistance from 100 kilo ohms to 35 mega ohms. The Shoe is tested for its ESD Property as per EN 20345:2011


Large pockets of charge can cause sparking


Smaller residual pockets of charge may remain Earthing takes place due to Anti-Static property of Shoe & hence charges not allowed to build up.

Rapid dissipation of charge due to improved conductivity takes place. Virtually No residual pockets of charge remain when using a Shoe having ESD property.


The Ultimate Care for your Feet


Most people assume that foot injury comes from working in dangerous environments but there are a lot of other injuries like:


Below is a list of the most common injuries that are sustained when safety footwear is not worn.

Injury to Foot Related Work Areas
Crushed feet, broken bones and loss of toes. Construction industry, logging and fishing industry
Puncture wounds to the feet Places where nails, staples or even scrap metal is used
Cuts, lacerations and severed toes Work areas using machinery such as chain saws , etc
Burns Chemicals or hot metal splashes
Electric shocks Electricians and construction workers


To avoid all such disasters one should always wear Safety Shoes incorporated with the following features:

Steel-Toe: The Steel Toe caps are manufactured from Carbon Steel. They have a special coating to make them highly corrosion resistant.

Composite-Toe: the special Composite toe is made of high strength Reinforced Polymer, which is also light in weight.

Mid-sole Protection: This is important to fight the hazards of injury to the foot due to piercing of sharp objects- for S1 P level of protection.
The Steel Mid-Plate is constructed of Carbon Steel, having high strength to resist Penetration Load higher than 1100 N.
It also ensures that a worker can work uninhibited on hazardous sites without worrying about any sharp objects, which may pierce through the shoe sole, and harm his foot.

Choose the Shoes that come with Anti – Bacterial Property: Bacteria present in our feet cause odour and harmful skin infection.
“Anti-Bacterial Screening” and “Anti-Bacterial Spray” on all Safety Shoes is done to prevent bacterial and fungal growth .

KARAM Safety footwear comes with a unique “Nail Guard In-Sole


Tested to withstand an impact load of to 200J, and a Compression load of 15kN

The Toe caps have a wide design to suit feet of broad sizes to provide maximum comfort at all levels.