KARAM'S Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

KARAM'S Contribution Towards Sustainable Development

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the give.”

With this feeling in hearts, KARAM Team members visited Sarthak Yellow Room, a set up by Sarthak Foundation, inside the communities; running programs free of cost for all the children within, on 6th dec’19. Our self-motivated team of 18 volunteers experienced the aura of many smiling faces reciting beautiful poems in the chorus with inspiring energy levels. We were overwhelmed with the warm welcome we received from them.

Our team spent stupendous time interacting, playing games & distributing gifts to them. They uniquely introduced themselves with amazing handmade name cards with no surname, rather mentioning their traits which they follow in their daily life: like….Mahima Cheerful, Akash Helpful…. which was a powerful message to all of us.

Those especially blessed children were anxious to learn and know more about us. To ensure that they do not miss out on any such learning to impart; they prepared meaningful questions for us & distributed it in the form of chits among the volunteers. They asked questions like Major Skills required in our area of work… How to express Gratitude….Work Ethics that we follow….Importance of Time management….to name a few.

Our team was also stunned by their excellence in several areas like Painting, Sketching, Crafting, Dancing, etc. Each one of us got cute handmade “Thank You Cards” from these beautiful souls.

Our team shared their experiences and learning with everyone on the campus to motivate others to experience something like this. Our team members also loved the initiative and thanked KARAM for organizing such a wonderful visit. One of our team members Mohd. Azeem Khan said- I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Karam Team who allows me to participate in different job roles to experience. Ms. Pallavi and Ms. Shagufta also added few words by saying-Sharing is Caring…at KARAM, it is not just a teaching or a slogan but a way of life. Now and then our HR team gives us an opportunity to discover this feeling by letting us participate in the company’s CSR initiatives. Our today’s visit to “Sarthak foundation” is something that has imprinted our hearts.

This was an initiative adhering to our belief that “Businesses cannot be successful when the society around fails.”.

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